Seeking Direction in Pastoral Change


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Medford, WI has been sharing the Good News of Jesus for over 100 years. Today they find themselves in pastoral transition and the accompanying challenges of engaging people, focusing mission and enjoying a solid financial reality.

This fall, leaders chose the endeavor of evidence-based discernment to inform the decisions ahead. 130 people took the CAT (Church Assessment Tool) and this week Mustard Seed was at St Paul’s to present the data and interpret it for leaders.

Like many small town WI churches, resources are declining and anxiety is building. But St. Paul’s now has evidence and insight to being building a realistic plan for renewal. Awareness of its culture, strengths, growth areas and priorities, leaders have become equipped in new ways thanks to evidence-based discernment.




Author: mustardseedonline10

Kurt Jacobson is a trained interpretive consultant of Holy Cow! assessments serving churches across WI and beyond. An ordained pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, he served Trinity Lutheran Church, Eau Claire for 28 years. In 2016 he formed Mustard Seed Consulting. Jacobson holds a BA in Business/Hospital Administra on and Organiza onal Communication from Concordia College, Moorhead, MN and a Masters of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. He holds a certificate in Intentional Interim Ministry from the National Association of Lutheran Interim Pastors. He is the author of “Welcoming Grace: Words of Love for All.” In addition, the book “The State of the ELCA” by Russell Crabtree, founder of Holy Cow! includes a chapter detailing the work Kurt did in making Trinity a transformational congregation. He lives near Cumberland, WI.

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